PDD Quiz: History of Hunters Park

Test your knowledge of local history with this week’s quiz on Hunters Park, the second installment in a series of quizzes focusing on Twin Ports neighborhoods. The first was on the history of Morgan Park. Sound off in the comments on which neighborhoods you’d like to see featured in a future quiz.

Zenith City Press and the Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections of UMD’s Kathryn A. Martin Library were invaluable sources of content for this quiz. Many of the maps and images from the quiz were accessed through Minnesota Reflections; check it out for even more historical content.

The next PDD quiz, reviewing headlines and happenings from this month, will be published on Oct. 27. Please submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Oct. 24.

#1 In 1888, the present location of this Hunters Park cemetery was selected.

The Forest Hill Cemetery was originally located along Chester Creek; it was relocated as part of the Rural Cemetery Movement. Read more about Forest Hill Cemetery at Zenith City Press.

#2 Houses at 2000, 2010, and 2020 Woodland Ave. were constructed in 1907 using fieldstone from this demolished women’s preparatory school.

Hardy Hall founder Kate Hardy and banker Luther Mendenhall began a scandalous relationship that resulted in the school’s eventual closure. Read more about Luther Mendenhall, Kate Hardy and Hardy Hall on Zenith City Press; more information about the Woodland Avenue houses can be found on PDD.

#3 Duluth’s first ski jump, located in the Hunters Park neighborhood, was established in which year?

The ski jump, dubbed Duluth Hill, was first tested on Dec. 18, 1905. Duluth Ski Club captain John Mangseth jumped 75 feet. Read more about Duluth Hill at Zenith City Press. 

#4 The eastern boundary of Hunters Park follows Woodland Avenue as it wraps around Dairy Hill. Which park entrance is located near Dairy Hill?

Dairy Hill got its name from a dairy that occupied the lot where Concordia Lutheran Church now stands. Hartley Park was previously Allandale Farm; read more about it at Zenith City Press. 

#5 Hunters Park absorbed three smaller neighborhoods. Which of the following former neighborhoods is NOT part of Hunters Park?

Read more about the history and geography of Hunters Park at Zenith City Press.

#6 This iconic bluestone church was dedicated in 1909.

Read more about the dedication of Glen Avon Presbyterian Church on Zenith City Press.

#7 The founders of the Hunters Park neighborhood came from which country?

Read about Duluth’s Scottish connections at Zenith City Press.

#8 This Hunters Park school is now owned by the Duluth Bible Church.

Read about the school’s namesake, Jed Washburn, at Zenith City Press.

#9 The Hunters Park Grocery (now home to LaCoursiere & Co., Saffron & Grey, and The Hair Company) was also known by which of the following names?

Read more about the history of Hunters Park Grocery at Zenith City Press.

#10 In September 1905, the Duluth streetcar was stopped on Woodland Avenue by six what?

Read a contemporary account of the incident here.


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