PDD Quiz: July 2019

Put your knowledge of recent headlines to the test with this week’s PDD quiz!

The next PDD quiz will feature neon signs of the Twin Ports; it will be published on Aug. 11. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Aug. 8.


You’ve been paying attention to those local headlines! Bravo!

#1 On July 8, Duluth police apprehended a suspect near Miller Hill Mall attempting to steal a garbage can full of what?

Read the full story at the Duluth News Tribune.

#2 Michelle Bennett made headlines this month after doing what at a Park Point beach?

Read more about the incident and Minnesota’s laws governing indecent exposure at the Duluth News Tribune.

#3 Chuck and Robert Bagley announced plans to convert Bethany Lutheran Church into what?

Read more about the proposed plans at Perfect Duluth Day. 

#4 The owner of this nightclub announced intentions to sell his Duluth location.

Read more about the change of ownership at the Duluth News Tribune.

#5 Jared Munch completed a stand-up paddle board trek that took him from Duluth to where?

Read more about Munch’s journey at the Duluth News Tribune.

#6 Sam Kavanaugh, a native of this Northland community, went on a five-episode Jeopardy winning streak.

Read more about Kavanaugh’s Jeopardy streak at the Duluth News Tribune.

#7 This was excavated from beneath the Glensheen boat house.

Read more about the excavation at the Duluth News Tribune. 

#8 Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy Jodi Greene announced that Duluth would serve as the commissioning site for this vessel.

View CBS 3 coverage of the announcement here.

#9 This 2019 ESPY Award nominee has ties to Duluth.

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck was nominated for “Best Viral Moment.” Read more at the CBS 3 website.

#10 KwePack, an Indigenous women’s running group started on the Fond du Lac Reservation, was featured on this morning TV show.

View the segment here.


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