Feodor von Luerzer painting of Lester River

This painting of the Lester River circa 1900 was recently sold on eBay, mislabeled as a painting of “Luster River.”

The artist, Feodor von Luerzer, lived in Duluth from 1889 to 1909. David Ouse wrote an extensive bio of the landscape painter, which appears on zenitycity.com.

The anonymous buyer of the Lester River painting reached out to Perfect Duluth Day wondering if the precise scene of the painting can be identified.

“Looking at current photos, it appears this could be by Superior Street,” the anonymous buyer wrote, offering a photo nabbed off the internet that appears to be a pretty darned good match, though rivers can change quite a bit from one century to the next.

And below is an postcard illustration circa 1909 that has a similar appearance.

Location theories and more info about the artist are, of course, welcome in the comments.

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