PDD Quiz: Homegrown Innovations Edition

In honor of the upcoming Homegrown Music Festival, this PDD quiz examines inventions, innovations, and ideas that were “homegrown” in the Duluth area.

The next PDD quiz will review headlines from April 2019 and will be published on April 28. Please email question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by April 25.

#1 We have Aurora native Jeno Paulucci to thank for what frozen food?

Paulucci sold his Jeno’s Pizza Rolls brand to Pillsbury in 1985; Pillsbury rebranded the rolls as Totino’s Pizza Rolls in 1993.

#2 The first modern indoor mall opened in this Duluth neighborhood in 1916.

The Lake View Store now houses Letica’s Iron Mug Restaurant.

#3 Pie à la mode may have been invented in which Duluth hotel?

Read more about pie à la mode and its contested origins here.

#4 The Duluth Model, a multi-disciplinary domestic violence intervention program, was developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project in what year?

Read more about DAIP and the Duluth Model here.

#5 The S.S. Meteor is the last surviving ship of this style, developed in Duluth.

Alexander McDougall built the first whaleback ship in 1888 in Duluth; read more about the history of the whaleback and view historical photos here.

#6 While living in Duluth, Alexander Miles patented an electric what?

While Miles wasn’t the first to invent an electric elevator, his automatic door design improved safety. View his patent here.

#7 The hexagonal rotary donut cutter was developed at which Duluth company?

Founder Harry Moline invented the hexagonal rotary donut cutter in 1945. Read more about Moline Machinery’s history here.

#8 Duluth is home to the first roads in Minnesota built of this material (which can still be seen on a stretch of East Seventh Street).

Read more about the history of concrete streets in Duluth here.

#9 Cirrus is responsible for which innovations to light aircraft?

Cirrus was founded in 1984; its headquarters are located in Duluth.

#10 Ellen E. Perkins of Beaver Bay was granted a patent in 1908 for what invention?

Read more about Ellen E. Perkins’ invention here.


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