Monthly Grovel: Bonus tip about PDD Calendar map view

Before delving into this month’s pitch for donations to keep the PDD Calendar chugging along, we’re taking a moment to offer a little tip on a different way to use it.

There are numerous ways to sort, filter, view and search events on the PDD Calendar. By default the calendar shows a list view in chronological order. That’s obviously the best way to look at what’s happening in the moment and scroll to the future. But there are three other view options — day, map and photo. We’ve never taken time to explain that before, because it’s always seemed obvious to us that list view is the best option. But our traffic statistics are starting to show more and more people using map view, so perhaps it’s time to mention it.

As shown in the image up top, the map view shows pushpins on a map where events are happening in the near future. So you can move the map to where you are, zoom in, and hover over a pushpin to find out what’s happening there. And, of course, you can click or tap for details.

To switch to map view, just select it using the “view as” option on the main filter. You can also find it by entering the URL

Having explained all that, it’s important to again note the reason we have never explained this before is that we believed no reasonable person would prefer using the calendar that way. But this just in: some people are different than others. So, if you didn’t know about map view and think you might like it, go for it. But list view is recommended by nine out of ten dentists.

And now the part where we extend our virtual coffee cup for donations.

(Enter the amount of your choice.)

It takes a lot of geek hours to keep this website going strong, so once a month we set our dignity aside and remind readers how much we appreciate their financial support.

Maybe there isn’t a better way to explain it than we did in January or on the PDD Calendar fundraising page, but we keep trying because bits of funding roll in when we do, and that helps a whole lot.

Each month the PDD Calendar team publishes hundreds of events while getting paid less than cashiers at Target. Without donations, the calendar would struggle to survive. And let’s face it: If PDD isn’t listing an event, does the event even exist?

Yes, PDD is supported by advertising, but the money that brings in falls far short of keeping the operation in the black. So we also ask for the financial support of our readers.

Thanks in advance for anything you can do.

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