Glamourous Duluth

Duluth’s Ashley Sullivan, sporting a Duluth Cider hat, is part of a feature in the online women’s magazine Glamour titled “Insanely cold polar vortex temperatures are literally freezing people’s eyelashes.” The article refers to a social media trend of people “posting commentary and photos of themselves turning into Elsa from Frozen simply by going about their lives in a polar vortex.”

“Depending on how cold it is, you can feel them freeze right away,” Sullivan told Glamour reporter Abby Gardner. “It doesn’t hurt and doesn’t affect your eyesight, but by the end of a hike, you get the pretty frost. The aftermath isn’t so pretty as the ice melts and mascara runs down your face. But it’s like Mother Nature’s art on while you’re outside, if you think about it. It’s like you’re your own snowflake with the frost vibrating to your own energy.”

Sullivan is a prolific hiker around Duluth and chronicles her adventures on the blog “Trail Seeker with Minnesota Mama.” In 2018 she posted about a new hike at nearly a once-a-day pace, but announced in 2019 she’s scaling the blog back.

“With 3 boys, I’m busy a lot,” she wrote in her Jan. 2 post. “Every day got to be a little much for my blog writing about trails. So now it’ll be every now and then with a bunch of ideas for you!”

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