Duluth Blogs: How to Collect Baseball Cards

Today, I point to another blog by a Duluthian, this time John Boucha. You can tell because his name is the URL.

The post I’m looking at today is all about collecting baseball cards. To be honest, I thought this hobby would die with the Boomers. I fully expect my hobby, comic collecting, to die with the Xers. But John has a new spin on collecting that shows me a nimble mind can reinvent.

What kind of individual collects baseball cards of just players blowing bubbles with chewing gum?

On the pages of the blog, Bouscha turns us away from “completeness” or from “investment” as the principles of collecting toward a new spirit:

Become a cardboard connoisseur, an admirable collector whose passion for finding the “right” card has turned him into an eccentric authority on baseball cards that goes beyond just Honus Wagner, Mickey Mantle, and Ricky Vaughn. His probing mind recognizes order and patterns in the chaotic medley.

He also writes about other cool topics, of course. Creativity can be found in every corner in this small town.

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