PDD Quiz: January 2019 in Review

The first month of 2019 is nearly in the books; how much of it do you remember? Take this week’s PDD quiz and find out!

The next PDD quiz, on local sports teams and athletes, will be published on Feb. 10. Please email question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Feb. 7.


You’ve been paying attention to local headlines! Bravo!

#1 Harry Welty’s snow sculpture at the start of 2019 depicted Donald Trump as what character?

Welty, whose work can be seen at his residence at the corner of 21st Avenue East and Fourth Street, is no stranger to sculpting presidents: previous sculptures have depicted Barack Obama and Bill Clinton (pictured).

#2 Tickets for the Minnesota State Fair are set to increase by how much on Feb. 2?

The last price increase occurred in 2017.

#3 A letter penned by Emily and Joel Vikre appeared in which national publication on Jan. 3?

The letter detailed their experiences with the healthcare system after the birth of their son; read it here.

#4 The Duluth School Board approved a settlement with former member Art Johnston this month. What was the amount of the settlement?

Johnston filed a lawsuit against the school district in August alleging the district failed to respond to his requests for data.

#5 Which Iron Range city hosted its first Martin Luther King, Jr. Day march and rally this year?

The Duluth News Tribune reported that this year’s rally was one of the biggest Duluth has seen.

#6 Vinnie, a carved wooden statue, was reunited with his owners this month. What is Vinnie?

Vinny went missing in June 2014; he was recently spotted in a Duluth rental house. He was missing his bottom half.

#7 The owners of Explorations Toy Store announced the store’s closing this month. In what decade did the store open?

Current owners Ken and Judy Weyenberg took over the business in 2006.

#8 What is the name of the mystery building that prompted discussion on PDD this month?

Read the original post and ensuing discussion here.

#9 Why was the United Northern Sportsmen ice fishing contest postponed this month?

The contest, held on Island Lake, has been postponed to Feb. 17.

#10 When did the Soo Locks close, ending the 2018 shipping season?

The Federal Rhine was the last ocean-going vessel of the 2018 season; it departed the Twin Ports on Dec. 15.


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