Crashing into 2332 W. Third St.

Left: 2018 crash at 2332 W. Third St. (Duluth News Tribune photo by Steve Kuchera)
Right: 1965 crash at same location. (Duluth News Tribune staff photo)

It happens at least once every 53 years or so. A motor vehicle smashes into the storefront on the corner of 24th Avenue West and Third Street.

Sept. 11, 2018 | Bus crashes into runaway SUV in Lincoln Park

Aug. 12, 1965 | Freak crash sends auto inside store



about 6 years ago

Some time around 1974, give or take a couple of years, a truck lost its breaks and went through the side of the same building. If you look at the side of the building facing 24th Avenue West you can see where it was repaired.


about 6 years ago

Just like to say that I feel as if that location is cursed. In my 30+ years here, I honestly believe that there has been several accidents in that spot ... and as if that has happened more than once within the past 20 years. I could be wrong, but regardless, that spot is rough to those who have bad brakes. I, being somebody who does have bad brakes and cannot afford to fix them, have found  ways around using the steep hills. If you are one of those from Duluth who has to travel below the hill with bad brakes, give yourself time and find less of a hill. Duluth is big enough for that to be possible. It is better to waste gas than waste a life. (Sorry for the cheesy PSA.)


about 2 months ago

Definitely a tough area! I lived just a half-block away for six years and vividly remember a 1950s car losing its brakes on 24th, bouncing off a power pole by the Lincoln Elementary playground and crashing into a tree just down from Fourth Street, badly injuring two and killing the driver. This occurred in the late 1960s. Another bad one was a dump tuck losing its brakes and crashing into a city bus at Third Street, killing the bus driver, sometime in the 1970s. And a last one, a semi lost its brakes and miraculously went the whole way down without hitting anything, ending up past Michigan Street in the area by the Scott-Graff plant, I think it was called, where the current Duluth Transit Authority building is located.

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