Mary Scott Bywater – “America’ll Win the War”

One century ago, as “The War to End All Wars” raged on, Mary Scott Bywater of Duluth wrote and published a forgotten anthem.

America’ll Win the War
Words and music by Mary Scott Bywater

America calls her men to arms
So be ready my boy to go
We’ve money and guns to lick the huns
We hate the Kaiser so
And this we will sing till nations ring
America’ll win this war
Its freedom of the seas and a lasting peace
That’s what we’re fighting for

America’ll win the war boys
America’ll win the war
America’ll win the war boys
We’ve never been licked before
We’ll build us a mighty army
And fight till they want no more
Be sure to be true
To the Red White and Blue
America’ll win the war

The U.S.A. is calling you
To help to defend the land
Our men they will show what we can do
We all will take a hand
And Kaiser Bill will want no more
When our men get over there
We’ll rule the land and we’ll rule the sea
And do it on the square

At least one remaining version of the sheet music is stamped “Backed by the Duluth Kiwanis Club for Red Cross Benefit,” which might mean there was a fundraising concert in Duluth at which the song was performed … or it might just mean the club endorsed sales of the sheet music to benefit the Red Cross.

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