Fitger’s Brewhouse wrangles beer distribution arrangement

Fitger’s Brewhouse owner Rod Raymond told Fox 21 News this week he is handing his company’s beer recipes over to his son, who will establish a separate enterprise to produce the products for distribution statewide. Brewhouse beers sold at Fitger’s Brewhouse and other establishments owned by parent company Just Take Action will continue to be brewed separately at Fitger’s as always.

Beau Raymond’s new entity will be called Bold Brewing and will sell the Duluth Brewhouse brand through the Duluth distribution company Bernick’s to liquor stores and restaurants. Fitger’s Brewhouse has been unable to legally distribute its product or produce more than 3,500 barrels per year because it is considered a brewpub under state law.

The Growler reports Bold Brewing has entered into a contract brewing partnership with Barley John’s Brewing Company in New Richmond, Wis., where Duluth Brewhouse beer will be brewed and packaged.

Duluth Brewhouse beers are slated to come to market June 1. Apricot Wheat Ale and Superior Trail IPA will be the first available, followed by Starfire Pale Ale, Big Boat Oatmeal Stout and El Niño IPA.

“We’re actually the first brewpub in Minnesota that’s ever distributed their product. So we are kind of treading a new path here,” Beau Raymond told Fox 21. “We’re hoping to restart the conversation to get other excellent brewpubs that make their own beer in house to allow them to distribute as well.”

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about 6 years ago

You really have to wonder if the market research was done on this move.  I know that the Brewhouse has a long history of quality products and fans of those products but won't it lose some of it's charm when not bought IN Duluth?  For some even more so, it was the brewer, not the brand, and I'm sure they've moved on to Earth Rider and Hoops.

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