What’s on tap at the NorShor Theatre?

No, the question here is not the figurative “what entertainment is on tap?” but rather “what is literally on tap in terms of craft beer at the NorShor?”

As of yesterday morning, the day before the historic theater reopens, a single tap of Castle Danger’s Cream Ale jutted up from behind the mezzanine bar. Drink lists at each end of the bar noted these additional initial offerings: Bent Paddle Cold Press Black, Summit Extra Pale Ale, Third Street Brewhouse’s Minnesota Gold Lager, Loon Juice Hard Cider, “Baus Haus” (presumably something from Bauhaus Brew Labs in Minneapolis) and Blacklist Classic Wit.

A number of specialty cocktails, small bites and non-alcoholic beverages are also available from the official caterer, Black Water. A fuzzy photo of the full menu is below. In person it takes two drinks for the menu to get this fuzzy.


Mike Creger

about 3 weeks ago

Will Jones column, Strib. 1983.


about 3 weeks ago

Tickets for last night's Grand Opening Gala were $125.00 per person.  I'm curious to know if there will be an event for regular folk to see what all the buzz is about.  I've spent countless hours over the decades enjoying the NorShor and sure would like to see it but I'm just a poor, lifelong Duluthian who can't afford those kind of prices.


about 2 weeks ago

Do I see plastic cups?  Classy and eco-friendly.  Goes with the blackboard menu.  Even 31 million dollars doesn’t buy good taste in the wrong hands!  

Also, it’s called a restoration.  Restored to what ?  The Art Deco or Vaudeville house?  If Deco, The present color looks Baroque.  What happened to the cyan walls (or am I imagining?) and sleek motifs?  

I saw a pic somewhere (DNT?) an old fashioned (not sure if it was simply “old”) telephone fixed to a chunky stained wooden wall mount.  Looked inauthentic and out of place.

Who re-decorated this once elegant theater, Home Depot?

So disappointing!

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