PDD Quiz: History of the NorShor Theatre

In anticipation of the NorShor Theatre re-opening in February, this month’s PDD Quiz looks back at the colorful history of this Duluth landmark.

The next PDD Quiz, on January headlines and happenings, will be published on Jan. 28. Please send question ideas to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Jan. 24.

#1 The newly renovated NorShor Theatre opens on Feb. 1 with which Duluth Playhouse production?

Mamma Mia! runs through Feb. 18.

#2 When the NorShor opened in 1941, it featured a bar that exclusively served what?

The Milk Bar was located on the second floor, on a terrace adjacent to the Arrowhead Lounge.

#3 This film, starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, was the first to be shown in the NorShor.

“Caught in the Draft” was the first movie to air at the NorShor. “Road to Singapore,” the first of the “Road” movies which also starred Hope and Lamour, was released in 1940.

#4 The NorShor tower was removed in what year?

The tower was removed due to maintenance costs.

#5 What was the name of the strip club that operated in the NorShor from 2006-2010?

As noted in this PDD retrospective, the “Live Girls” marquee at the NorShor and the sign for the nearby Hip Hop Candy Shop went up the same day.

#6 Though the NorShor had been closed for ten months due to fire code violations, the fire marshall gave permission for this Duluth band to perform a Homegrown show there on May 4, 2006.

Jim Gradishar would open a new enterprise in the NorShor a few weeks later on May 24, 2006. 

#7 Christine Gradl Seitz, executive and artistic director for the Duluth Playhouse, announced last May that NorShor workers had discovered what?

The mural was discovered behind a suspended ceiling; it likely dates back to 1910 and the original Orpheum Theatre.

#8 The inaugural occurrence of this Duluth event, which featured performances by Vinnie and the Stardüsters and Super D & the Double Chucks, was held at the NorShor in 2002.

Ryan Amundson and Gina Giacomini were crowned King Geek and Queen Geek.

#9 A relief mural on the north wall of the NorShor, near the stairs leading up to the lounge, depicts what?

A 1941 Duluth News Tribune article identifies the artist as “prominent Minneapolis portrait painter and instructor at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts, Gustav Krollman.”

#10 How many light bulbs did the NorShor Theatre tower contain?

The tower was said to have been visible from 60 miles away and was built to withstand wind gusts over 100 miles per hour.


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