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If you are anything like me, you may have fallen behind on your New Year’s resolutions (or maybe you haven’t even started.) Whether you decided to give up soda or sweets or to get a gym membership, those are big commitments to follow through with.

As April quickly approaches, it is easy to feel depressed about not achieving those resolutions. It is never too late to start though.

You may want to add some weightlifting into your routine a few days a week so your co-worker stops calling you “chicken legs.” Or, you may want to jump-start your weight loss so you feel comfortable in something other than a sweatshirt this summer.

The reason for getting a gym membership does not matter; what matters is that you start.

Here lies the 14th feature for the Price Check series where we compare prices of products and services in Duluth. The prices below reflect the monthly rate the establishment charges, with tax included, for those who sign on for a one-year membership. Various caveats are noted.


Peak Fitness | 4897 Miller Trunk Highway, Hermantown | 218-722-2939
*24-7 facility
**First month is free and includes one free month of tanning
***Cost is $37.99 per month on a six-month contract
****Month-to-month rate is $49.99
*****In lieu of a joining fee, there is a $10 deposit for a key fob for 24-7 access


Xcel Xercise | 5324 E. Superior St., Duluth | 218-525-4808
*24-7 facility


Snap Fitness | 4425 E. Superior St., Duluth | 218-212-1212
*24-7 facility
**Month-to-month rate, no contract
***Unlimited group-fitness access is $65 per month


PhyEd Health Club | 915 Tower Ave., Superior | 715-394-4400
*Month-to-month rate is $60
**There is a $50 processing/joining fee


Superior Douglas County Family YMCA | 9 N. 21st St., Superior | 715-392-5611
*$50 for ages 26 to 64, with an additional one-time $60 joiner fee
**$48 for ages 65 and older, with an additional one-time $60 joiner fee
***$40 for ages 18 to 25, with an additional one-time $24 joiner fee


Duluth Area Family YMCA | 302 W. First St., Duluth | 218-722-4745
*$52 for ages 26 and older, with an additional one-time $60 joiner fee
**$42 for ages 18 to 25, with an additional one-time $20 joiner fee

Disclaimer: This is by no means a complete list of the options available — and these prices are obviously subject to change. Consider the Price Check feature a starting point and snapshot in time for comparing prices.

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