Price Check: Duluth Coffee Company’s Peru Cajamarca Norte

Duluth Coffee Company launched as a boutique wholesale roaster in 2011 and expanded to open a retail café in Downtown Duluth in 2012. The café sells roasted coffees, brewing devices, grinders and coffee brewed by the cup to order.

Peru Cajamarca Norte is a full-city roast grown in Cajamarca, Peru. There is some oil on the surface of the bean, whereas light roasts have no oil and dark roasts are oily. Other characteristics of this coffee are heavy body and bitterness, with a rich and dark color. Duluth Coffee Company roasts beans onsite in a 3-kilo roaster, exposing the beans to higher temperatures for a darker roast.

Grocery stores and coffee shops sell Duluth Coffee Company beans in 12-oz. bags or in a hopper, giving the customer the choice on how many ounces they would like. Regardless, the prices below reflect 12 oz. of Duluth Coffee Company’s Peru Cajamarca Norte coffee. Grocery items are tax exempt in Duluth.


Whole Foods Co-Op | 610 East Fourth St., Duluth | 218-728-0884


Beaner’s Central | 324 N. Central Ave., Duluth | 218-624-5957
(They sell it in 1 lb. bags but the barista rang it up by cost per ounce).


Mount Royal Fine Foods | 1600 Woodland Ave., Duluth | 218-728-3665


Super One Foods | 15 N. 13th Ave. E., Duluth | 218-724-6427

Duluth Coffee Company does not sell 12 oz. bags of Peru Cajamarca Norte at its retail cafe. Eight other 1-lb. bags are available there, and at

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