Duluth Area Median Income by Neighborhood

Karl Schuettler, director of marketing, research and analysis for Northspan Group, recently geeked out on some U.S. Census figures on his blog, A Patient Cycle. Of particular interest is a table showing median income by neighborhood across Duluth and neighboring communities.


“Duluth, predictably, dominates both the top and the bottom of the income list, with pockets of great wealth and realms of substantial poverty,” Schuettler writes. “Those areas haven’t changed much since 1990 — in fact, I was a bit surprised to see so little movement near the top, given the growth of the exurban areas — but the rich do seem to be getting richer while the poor get poorer.”


Special K

about 4 years ago

Woooo!  Denfeld up by 1 and East End down 1.  We'll catch those wealthy elites yet, even if only by standing on the shoulders of Whole Foods.


about 4 years ago

Does anyone in Denfeld shop at that Whole Foods?   It seems pretty empty when I go there.

I say we redistribute some wealth from those east cake eaters!


about 4 years ago

Today I learned that I am the poorest person in my neighborhood.

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