Imagine Duluth 2035 Survey

Imagine Duluth 2035

Imagine Duluth 2035 is an update to Duluth’s 2006 Comprehensive Plan, the road map for future development of Duluth. Citizens are encouraged to share their thoughts on the future of the city by taking the Imagine Duluth survey.

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Robert Lillegard

about 7 years ago

Imagine Duluth 2035

The Cirrus expansion  seemed like a good thing at the time. But when  malicious hackers reprogrammed the planes to become self-aware, the executives were the first to be killed. The programming leapt to the Internet and soon the world was at war.  Survivors from Aimclear, Saturn Systems, and Points North banded together to try and reprogram the menace at its source -- Cirrus HQ.

Dan Walther stared through the sight of his rifle for a long, tense moment. Then he lowered the gun and wearily wiped his brow.
“I don’t see any drones,” he said. "They're gone."
Haggard and worn, Sarah Oppenheimer brushed a hand through her thinning hair. How long had it been since she showered? Days? She yearned for the time when she had a membership at the Duluth Y.
“Good,” she said. “Let’s move on.”
The two walked past the charred ruins of Beaner's Central. Before the War, it was their date night spot. Now it was just ashes.
Dan chuckled.
“What?” Sarah said. This wasn’t really a time for jokes, but the strangest things made them laugh these days. You had to, to stay sane.
“I just realized the only safe path to the bridge goes by the Duluth Grill,” he said.

“And that affects us how?” Sarah asked. The sky was a late afternoon orange that cast long, twisted shadows over rubble.
“The gardens were some of the first to mutate,” Dan said. "We'll have to hack our way through with machetes."

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