Pokemon Go Duluth Update

Does anyone have any crazy Pokemon Go Duluth stories? I see tons of evidence that the Rose Garden is overrun with Pokemon. And I saw eight kids staring into their phones at Pizza Lucé, which is a Gym across the street from a PokeStop or whatever it is.

Mix 108 has a list of sites. So does Reddit. And so does Duluth.com.

Remember, injured and orphaned wildlife should be brought to Wildwoods. Even Pokemon.



about 8 years ago

I am absolutely amazed at how much this game is taking off globally! It's one thing to hear about it on FB or gaming websites, but it was crazy to hear the BBC discuss it on the radio.

I play the game myself, and have incorporated a few Pokestops into my daily downtown walks. Since the game started, I've noticed a sudden uptick in 25-35 year old men with cell phones walking the skywalks as well.

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