Aerial Bridge from end of Ship Canal

Aerial Bridge 1909 postcard

The message on the back of this postcard, mailed April 3, 1909, might require an interpreter — as often seems to be the case.

Aerial Bridge 1909 postcard back



about 8 years ago

Good Toft, I am sending you a card to let you know that I am getting along well with my host[.] It was a long trip it was soon that [no?] look to Denmark greetings to everyone in [Hanet?] and a friendly greeting to you. Write again soon. [Lakole?] Hogensen 5905 Ranks Av [??] R Superior Vir

Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

At first I thought that address was Banks Ave., Superior, Wis., but it certainly looks more like what HBH1 has transcribed.

Thanks once again, oh Great Translator or the North!


about 8 years ago

I think it might be "Jakob Hogensen" who had such rotten handwriting.


about 8 years ago

Thanks, Karasu. I think it is definitely that the man doesn't know how to make a "B" well... or a W. Using postmark clues...

 the address is 5905 Banks Av Sta [Station] B, Superior, Wis

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