Guide to Duluth-related Blogs in 2015


The craft of writing personal blogs probably hit its stride in Duluth around 2005 and started dying out around 2010. It’s been a long time since the days PDD carried a feed of local blogs, which became unnecessary once subscription news-aggregator applications became available. There is still a strong set of Duluth-area writers and photographers dedicated to kicking out text on a regular basis, however, and we profile them here so you can check them out and add them to your feeds as you wish.

Since there are a lot of dead blogs floating around, criteria for inclusion in this list is that the blogger has posted at least five times in the past ten months and once in the past three months. Obviously some good ones might get missed in this list, so sound off in the comments about anything worth adding.

Astro Bob | Duluth News Tribune photographer Bob King covers celestial happenings.

Blah Blah Blah-ler | Christa Lawler covers motherhood, cat antics and awkward social interactions.

Duluth Beer Snob | It’s not clear who writes this series of random beer reviews, and the frequency of posts has been slipping this year, but local beer enthusiasts might find the Duluth Beer Snob to their liking.

Duluth Daily Photo | Naomi Yaeger doesn’t quite keep up the “daily” pace anymore, but her blog still features a Duluth photo about every third day.

Duluth Outdoors | David Cowardin is the primary author of this local outdoors blog, which largely favors curated videos over the written word.

Ed’s Big Adventure | Eddy Gilmore blogs about “adventure, reflection, simple living, and the good life.”

Ennyman’s Territory | Ed Newman writes about the local arts scene.

Forest Fire Photography | Photos of life and wildlife in northern Minnesota by Guy Sander.

Freshcoast Angling | Luke Kavajecz’s blog mostly consists of photos from his experiences as a fishing guide on Lake Superior and its tributaries.

Hole News | “Young Grandpa” Keith Mattson and “Old Grandpa” Lloyd Mattson team up on this blog about “philosophy, theology and tomfoolery.”

Jim Heffernan’s Blog | Former Duluth News Tribune columnist Jim Heffernan continues to share his comical and historical observations semi-regularly.

The Howie Blog | Howie Hanson’s long-running blog mostly features news releases from local organizations.

Lincoln Democrat | At-large Duluth School Board member Harry Welty has been rabble rousing on his blog for almost a decade.

My Wife Yells | Dana Bergstrom writes about her marriage, friendships and fixer-upper houses.

Nick Up North | Mark Nicklawske transformed his “Mark in Maine” blog to “Nick Up North” this year, following a move to Duluth.

Outside in Duluth | Kristina Bourne shares her family’s outdoor adventures on about a twice-weekly basis.

A Patient Cycle | Karl Schuettler writes primarily about politics and sports.

The Photonaturalist | Mark “Sparky” Stensaas posts photos and stories culled while tracking the region’s wildlife — primarily birds.

Shmotown | Eric “Shmo” Chandler writes about reading, writing, outdoor activities and occasionally Veterans issues.

365 Days of Birds | Richard Hoeg blogs about his birding experiences on an almost daily basis.

Universal Klister | Hansi Johnson recently published his thousandth post on this blog, which mostly covers his outdoor adventures and happenings in the biking and skiing industries.



about 9 years ago

Here's another by Duluthian Dana Bergstrom: My Wife Yells

Eric Chandler

about 9 years ago

For your consideration: Shmotown. I write about reading, writing, outdoor activities and some veteran issues.

Richard Hoeg

about 9 years ago

My birding / photography / outdoors blog may be viewed at

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. All four of those have been added to the list.

about 8 years ago

Thanks, Paul, for putting this list together and including my blog,  It's great to see what others are doing in the community. What a nice cross-section of topics. ~Kristina

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