“Hey, where is your lawn chair, and can you bring me a Hamms?”

Bear Standing on porch in Proctor

The Proctor Police Department received this picture today from the Proctor Journal of a bear standing on someone’s porch. “Be safe out there,” the PPD warns. “It’s that time of year when they are out forging around for food so they can hibernate this winter.”

Meanwhile, the PDD Facebook has been soliciting alternative captions for the photo. Some favorites so far include …

Daniel Suomala: “Hey you kids get of my lawn.”

Christian Anders Olsen: “This heat is un-bear-able!”

Renee Schram Specht: “I hope they get home soon, I’m hungry.”

Tom Voller-Berdan “I’m standing here until I finally spot that human who gets into our garbage every night.”

Greg Foster: “Thanks Obearma.”



about 9 years ago

Best bear photo ever! Just what I needed to see today.


about 9 years ago

"It's been a year since the cubs went off on their own. The neighborhood seems so quiet."

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