Postcards from the Arrowhead Bridge

New Arrowhead Bridge 1927b

Arrowhead Bridge in the 1940s

The Arrowhead Bridge connected West Duluth to Superior’s Billing’s Park neighborhood across the St. Louis River for 57 years. Built by the Arrowhead Bridge Co., it opened on March 15, 1927. The company charged a toll to cross the bridge until 1963, when Minnesota and Wisconsin state officials paid $200,000 to make it a toll-free public bridge.

The Arrowhead Bridge was dismantled in 1985 after the opening of the Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge.

Arrowhead Bridge Slow

Arrowhead Bridge postcard

Arrowhead Bridge is the main artery for traffic between Duluth and Superior

Be sure to see the new Arrowhead Bridge



Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Take a cruise through West Duluth and across the bridge in 1984.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Arrowhead Bridge over St. Louis River between Duluth and Superior 1955

Arrowhead Bridge over St. Louis River between Duluth and Superior 1955 backside

From Alice to Mr. and Mrs.  E. T. Nole of Cincinnati, Ohio, postmarked July 19, 1955:

Having fine time with the family, especially Dex at 21 months -- he commands all my attention. Eat(ing) is my main activity -- sad to say, but it's all delicious. Back next week. Love, Alice.

Les L

about 9 years ago

I'd like to have a buck for every time I crossed that bridge to Oliver to buy beer. We lived at 309 N. 76th Ave. West in 68 - 69. Thanks for the memory, Paul!


about 9 years ago

I loved that bridge as a kid. I used to have to fight with my brothers and sisters over who got to pass over the toll money. The video reminded me of what I disliked about it as I got older too. Driving over it when it was wet. Thanks for the memories.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Arrowhead Jackknife July 14 from Lydia

From "Lydia" to Miss Louise Siedd [???] of Portland Ore., postmarked July 14, year unknown (prior to 1952 based on the one-cent stamp):

Superior -- Friday P.M. Arrived here Tues P.M. (and) are having a wonderful time. It's raining today and we are downtown running around. Will write again. Lydia

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