Duluth in Stereoview

Stereoview in the City of Duluth

Ah, the stereograph — a nineteenth-century wonder in which almost identical photographs, side by side, can be viewed with a stereoscope and appear three-dimensional. On a website they just appear silly and pointless, but in this case there’s some fairly fancy historical scenes to browse.

Stereoview View in Duluth Harbor by P. B. Gaylord

Duluth - Superior Street view

Clark House - 1869

Duluth 1869 Head of Minnesota Point

Early scene from the top of elevator A

Immigrant House on Fourth Avenue West in 1869

Minnesota Point Duluth Scenery

On the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad at Thomson

On the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad

View in Duluth Harbor by P. B. Gaylord new

View from the hill looking down toward Park Point

View from Observation Hill

View from Mesaba Avenue looking East with Elevator A on the lakeshore

View from above East Fourth Street in 1873

Third Street and First West

Cascade Square

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about 5 years ago

It's possible to view them in stereo on the web, but, whoa, by the bottom of the page eyeballs get tired. It's also difficult when the right and left images aren't very in sync, like the light levels in the second to last—I just can't get that one to work.

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