Thank you, DTA

To the driver of the #6/7 running past 20th Avenue East Jefferson Street at 8:45 this morning, who saw me looking dejected as he rolled past the intersection (I was running late trudging through the snow) … and pulled over and waited for me … thank you!

You can read minds.



about 9 years ago

When I was about 16, my girlfriend moved from Duluth Heights to Proctor. I lived in Lester Park and didn't have a car,  so I'd have to take the Crosley bus all the way to Proctor to see her. The same driver would often do the evening runs and we sort of got to know each other. He'd drop me off in the early evening in Proctor, I'd visit with my girlfriend, and catch the last bus back around midnight. Sometimes, my girlfriend and I would lose track of time, and I'd rush out late, hightailing it for the bus stop, thinking I might be hitchhiking home that night. But on those occasions, the bus driver would always be waiting at the stop, making sure I got home safely. What a great guy!


about 9 years ago

A thanks can be worth a million bucks.  Sure is nice to hear a story like this.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

I learned the hard way last week not to trust a 2013 bus schedule in 2015. The hard way was only about a 30-minute wait, but the wind chill was, as they say, a factor. I was a half block away from catching the earlier bus, so flailing arms or a dejected look were of no help, but DTA drivers do tend to show mercy when they have the opportunity, and I'm grateful for the few times that has worked for me. 

Kelsey Marier

about 9 years ago

I love this. As a student, I take the DTA to and from campus. Also as a student, I tend to wake up in the morning late, making me have to run up the block to the bus stop when I see the #13 hit the intersection. And I'm happy to say that every time a driver sees me running up the hill, they pull over and wait for me and I greatly appreciate that!

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