PDD Video Lab: 1972 Birnamwood Homecoming Parade footage

Birnamwood, Wis. is in the vicinity of Wausau, a roughly four-hour drive from Duluth, but this 43-year-old parade footage is lovely enough to share anyway. Kudos to Duluth’s Kip Praslowicz for digitizing his grandfather Emil’s fine film work. Below are some possible soundtracks to go with the film.



about 9 years ago

Really got a kick out of the fashions, hairstyles, automobiles and bikes of a time that harkens back to the prime of my childhood.  I especially observed the DIY-ness of the personal kit and parade paraphernalia so abundant.  Have we lost that make do with what we've got self-sufficiency in our consumerist society?
Speaking for myself, the film is heartwarming and bittersweet to witness Americana in full swing as it has been a long time since I lived in my homeland, the US of A.  Thank you very much for this post.


about 9 years ago

Kip, when your gramps was doing this mine was busy polishing off the two pounds of hash my uncle sent back from Korea and cleaning up at the local pool hall.  

So many ways to live...

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