PDD Video Lab: Inside the Wolf Den

In this edition of the Perfect Duluth Day Video Lab we nabbed another clip from the Voyageurs Wolf Project and made some minor manipulations. Specifically, we slowed it down a tad and added Mary Duff singing “The Nearness of You.”

The original video, silent and unaltered, is below.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in Voyageurs National Park. Below is the YouTube description for this video.

The first look into the Half-Moon den this spring! We saw 5 pups in the den and felt pretty confident we counted all of them. But much to our surprise, there were actually 8 pups in here as revealed by trail cameras left at the den! The other 3 pups were likely hiding in some little tunnel off of this main chamber.

Pup counts like this are crucial for figuring out pup survival rates. Wolf pups, who are almost 6 months old, are now starting to travel far and wide and we are getting pups on our trail cameras frequently (will share footage soon!). With this data, we are getting an idea of how many pups are still alive in each pack and thus what percent of pups have survived until this point in the year.

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