Selective Focus: Perilous

Richard Narum

Richard Narum, untitled

Mother Superior seems to have held a prominent place in the psyche of many of you who considered our “perilous” theme. It conforms to a theory of mine regarding what makes this area so unique; when you’re daily reminded that life is tenuous, highs and lows are more pronounced, and halcyon days are more precious.

That said, I enjoyed Eve’s menacing sky, Zach’s tale of the liquor-deranged roadie, Marija’s recognition of those compelled to serve in the military, and of the private battles we manage in examining rooms, and Dave’s view of the dangers we surmount to remain employed. Even our recreations aren’t for the risk-averse.

For no good reason, next week’s theme will be “vintage.” Let’s see a decent claret, your “Air Supply” t-shirt, a derelict Karmann Ghia. Remember to send your unwatermarked, signature-less images by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m to tim @ — 1000px at their largest dimension — along with title (if any), and URL of your website, Facebook page, Tumblr, or Flickr stream.

Bryan French

Bryan French, untitled

Tyler Rayburn

Tyler Rayburn, “Paradoxically juxtaposed”

Paul Lundgren

Paul Lundgren, untitled

Dave Sorensen

Dave Sorenson, untitled

Marija Majerle

Marija Majerle, untitled

Marija Majerle

Marija Majerle, untitled

Eve Utyro

Eve Utyro, untitled

Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson, “Braaap!!”

Guy Sander

Guy Sander, “Breaking”

Zach Kerola

Zach Kerola, “Roadie”

Tim White

Tim White, untitled

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about 9 years ago

This series is so awesome. Thought provoking, showcases Duluth talent, community-centric. Yes, yes, and yes!

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