Darkhood – “Destination”

According to the blurb on YouTube, the Duluth band Darkhood recorded this single in the 1960s.

“These lads allegedly recorded this at Chess Studios in Chicago and then subsequently lost most of the copies of this 45 when it melted in one of their cars,” the video description reads. “The flip side is great, too. Fuzz guitar and catchy garage from the Northlands; ain’t nothing better.”

The tune was ripped for YouTube from the original 45 by the Hold Tight DJ crew in St. Paul.

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about 9 years ago

The wax from these groups can be worth quite a lot to collectors. I know a guy from one such band named the Starliners who were contemporaries of the Trashmen, and his dad was an early road manager for Gene Vincent and Wanda Jackson, among others. His 45, when last we checked on ebay was going for around $350, yet his personal copy was sitting in a crate with a bunch of other junk strewn about. 

When you listen to these old sounds as I do on an almost daily basis (Brondesbury Tapes) it amazes me there exists a unity in sound from one band to the next.  By that I mean the mode, the style of presentation was very copycat, yet also divergent enough within that mode.  For instance there is no mistaking this style with the gentler music popular among the hipster bands of today. Then as drugs enter the scene in the late 1960s, more similarity, followed by a tidal wave of divergence that coincides with Dylan going alt-country as Hendrix sets the rock aristocracy ablaze. I think most of the garage stuff was winding down by this time as all these kids, the ones who didn't form other bands, faced the prospect of adulthood or the specter of Vietnam.

Among the holy grail of rare '60s garage comes from a Twin Cities band named the CA Quintet.  My friend's dad's sister dated their drummer back when.  Before the crash, their album was worth over 10k, and a collector I talked to claims to have sold it to some hippy living out of his van in West Duluth for a few hundred bucks in the '80s. "Trip through Hell," having since been reissued on Sundazed is a masterpiece of Twin Cities banshee creep-psych that will make you curl into the fetal position.

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