The Fabulous D-Bags, live in Pete’s garage

Halloween night mayhem.

Fabulous D-Bags

Fabulous D-bags 2



about 10 years ago

Thanks for posting this John.  Such a fun night.  I keep reminiscing about it, especially some of the hijinks at the blood donation chair.


about 10 years ago

Little did I know how well Mr. Ramos knows how to party.  Between the dancing (red sweatshirt in video) & eating bugs from the hospital pan I do believe he won the life of the party award.  Wanna have a fun night?  Invite Mr. Ramos and get a bunch  of beer in him.


about 10 years ago

The last thing I remember about that night is walking slowly, as if in a trance, toward this tree in the front yard. The next thing I knew, it was the next morning and I was waking up in bed.

the last thing

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