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It’s been two months since Izzy Turner opened his new restaurant in the former Whiskey Ward / Shenanigan’s / J.T.’s / Johnny’s Bar location, 1506 North Third St. in Superior. Does anyone have any thoughts to share about Izzy’s BBQ Lounge & Grill?

Here is the dinner menu:

Izzy's BBQ Lounge & Grill Menu

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about 10 years ago

I ate there  recently and had the pork ribs and they were delicious!  My only suggestion is they need to provide wet wipes as well as napkins, you'll need them.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Having tried the ribs, California burger and pulled pork sandwich, I must say the pulled pork is the best of the three. 

Our server brought us wet wipes, so that's either something that gets missed occasionally or the restaurant just started offering them.


about 10 years ago

I had great and fast service when I was there.  The philly was made with probably the best philly meat I've had.  It was cooked masterfully and was delicious.  I would have liked it even more if the bun where grilled and it had some sort of sauce, horseradish-sour cream sauce would have worked well.  No, a traditional philly does not have sauce but I found the sandwich a little dry and could have used more texture with a grilled bun.  It  was great without it, one of the best in the area however it could still be elevated.


about 9 years ago

This place is so vastly superior to the Anchor Bar it's not funny, save for that it doesn't have the ultra-cheap beer I guess, still not bad prices.  Bathrooms are exponentially cleaner, place is well-lit, burgers are light years ahead of the Anchor and with the $5 basket basically the same price.  He says he's doing okay but there were few people there last night (Sat).  Being a nice guy, want him to do well. I'd consider putting some of the Anchor patrons in a headlock and walking them over there, but that would be inappropriate. 

As Izzy says, people will have to discover Izzy's on their own.

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