Night on the Town: Tuesday Edition

So I was at the Red Herring, watching the last episode of the first season of Dr. Who (with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor) and the first episode of the second season. The second season stars David Tennant. Tennant is, possibly, my favorite Doctor. So much so, I am watching Gracepoint.

Kristen Hylenski was there planning the November 9: Fall of the Wall Film and celebration, 3:30 – 8:00. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures will show the film “Good Bye Lenin!,” then hold a 1989 dance party. There will also be opportunities to learn about the wall and the fall of the wall.

Paul Lundgren was there. Paul is my hero, in many ways: what I think a writer can be. While I was there, My friend Emily sent me her new song lyrics. She posts them here. The night was hopping for me. Thanks to Heikko for organizing a Tuesday night event that gets me out of the house and among my friends, and that gets me tasting the infused liquors of the Red Herring.

After that, I wandered over to the Zeitgeist. I had grading to do, and I needed some help. While I was ordering my liquid help, I saw Richard Hansen of the Duluth Superior Film Festival… That man never stops, never sleeps. Planning the next festival started the second the last one ended. I also saw Kathleen Roberts and Nick Monson of Prøve Collective get a snack.

Full, rich night.


[email protected]

about 10 years ago

Richard was there watching Biophilia ( -- did anyone else go?  I love Bjork and wondered how it went.

Nyanyika Banda

about 10 years ago

Also every Tuesday for the past 6 weeks Izakaya(218) a locally owned pop up restaurant serving local and organic food has been serving at the Red Herring.  Some people come to enjoy both Dr.  Who and tacos, vegetarian ramen and vegetarian tamales.

[email protected]

about 10 years ago

I have eaten those tacos.  They are tasty.


about 10 years ago

Imagining those lyrics..."unrepentant pie transporter finally sheds security of long locks.." I'm sure someone out there is awaiting the return of Toritooltorial. Someone.

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