Home dressed as the White house for Halloween


Be wary of any loose wall outlets, and don’t mind the smell of gasoline in the carpet.

My wife and I decided to turn our front window into a Breaking Bad themed display so our house could dress up for the holidays as a meth kingpin’s abandoned home.



about 9 years ago

Nice! You should add a pink bear peeking up from the bottom!

Dann Matthews

about 9 years ago

I almost ordered a replica of that bear too.

I've been thinking of adding an outlet to the wall, even though that reference is from another wall entirely.

Niff Bimrod

about 9 years ago

I'm working on a working replica of a meth lab in a tented house


about 9 years ago

Please tell me you have a pizza on your roof.

Dann Matthews

about 9 years ago

Unfortunately we don't live in a ranch style house, so our roof pizza would only be visible via Google Earth :)

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