Raccoon Release

Wildwoods Rehabilitation has been raising nine orphaned raccoon since July, and our babies (now huge, rollicking, unruly teenagers) are ready to head off on their own and find a spot to hibernate for the winter. We took them far off into the woods, to a secret release site. Here are some picture as they begin to explore their new world. Good luck, little wash bears, and stay safe!

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After their release, the raccoons explored the understory of their new surroundings, occasionally taking a moment to be still. They’re little busy bodies, though so stillness doesn’t last long!

It was the perfect day for them to begin the next phase of their wild life. Berry plants were seen in their new area, so hopefully they’ll have bountiful foraging.

There was a bit of follow-the-leader as they started exploring. Sometimes a couple were looking around to determine where to go next. When they caught sight of another raccoon exploring out ahead, they soon followed.

It was amusing to be in an area with 9 raccoons foraging — a rare experience. Picture 9 roly-poly raccoons hidden in the understory, curiously exploring in the crunchy leaves. Once in the vegetation, they were difficult to spot but for the rustling leaves and sudden movements of plants. Occasionally a little masked face would appear in an open area.

(Pics courtesy of Dawn LaPointe, Radiant Spirit Gallery)



about 10 years ago

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.  

Will the raccoons stay intact  as  a pack, or will they split up?

[email protected]

about 10 years ago

They will winter together, for warmth, as I understand it.  Eventually, though...

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