Classic bars and liquor stores on the outs

The Break Room - Duluth

A few recent booze-related news items we’ve been too busy to mention in detail on PDD:

  • A sign went up last month at 501 E. Fourth St. declaring the former Twins Bar will be reopening as the Break Room.
  • West Duluth’s venerable North Pole Bar is delinquent on property and sales taxes. It was not open this past Saturday night.
  • Last Chance Liquor in the Central Hillside will close in the coming months.
  • Warehouse Liquor on Central Entrance will close and be replaced with a Dunkin’ Donuts.



about 7 years ago

With the demise of Last Chance,  I hope someone steps in to fill the home brewing supply demand.


about 7 years ago

How is Last Chance closing? It's the end times.  Happy Monday morning to you too.


about 7 years ago

Last Chance and Warehouse? 

Crap. The two best liquor stores in Duluth, closing?



about 7 years ago

Man I'm tired of all the made up, way off facts lately.  Last Chance is not closing for two whole years. Talk about it... twenty three months from now. 

In other news, US taxpayers and general American dipshittery helped create a middle eastern nightmare ill-named after an Egyptian sex goddess. Kim Dong Un is still alive.  Stewy Mills is still a little bitch in hunting gear, and Duluth politicians are still as fucky as a three dollar bill.


about 7 years ago

As a former wino, I say; no great loss.


about 7 years ago

Shots at the Pole were soapy.

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