August 2014 Posts

Death of Hugh A. Wetmore

The post “Buffalo Bill Cody, his little sister Helen, and their connection to Duluth” notes that Hugh Wetmore died in 1900. He did not. He died April 6, 1909 in Chicago.

What date, and in what state, if you know, did Alexander Calhoun Jester die? I have seen online at least three different dates and three different states.

Goodbye Little and Big Chester

Little Chester demolition - MPR photo

MPR: Ski jumps that launched Olympians come tumbling down

Rollin’ 218

Been sitting on this waiting for summer to peak for its release, but that never happened obvs.

Beating it under the Ninth Street Bridge


Above is a photo from the old Ripsaw magazine showing the famous “Beat it” tag underneath the Ninth Street Bridge over Chester Creek. The tag is dated Oct. 1, 1992, and was reportedly painted over when the bridge was renovated in 2003.

Below is the updated tag, as it appears today. I don’t know how long it’s been there like this.

Beat it ... slap

The age-old question is: How did you do that? You are the one who did it, right? Why is the new tag backward?

Volunteers wanted for fixit clinic in September

Duluth Technology Co. is organizing a fixit clinic, modeled after one held in Minneapolis this summer. We would like to make the fixit clinics a regular occurrence, but the very first one is also going to be a grand opening event for Duluth Technology Co.

This week: it’s going to be loud


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

There is a Freedom of Information workshop at the library tonight, hosted by Public Record Media.

The Head of the Lakes Fair opens on Tuesday and runs through Sunday at the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds.

Duluth native, De’Lon Grant, is back from touring to do a one-man cabaret at the Teatro Zuccone on Wednesday.

On Thursday the Leap Frogs (the U.S. Navy Seals Parachute Landing Team) will be landing in the parking lot of the Duluth Heritage Sports Center.

Tribute Fest, a celebration of cover bands and very loud music, emanates from Bayfront Park Friday and Saturday.

There will also be loud things in the sky this weekend with the Duluth Airshow, running Saturday and Sunday.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Redstone damaged by fire


From the assistant fire chief’s office:

At 00:52 this morning, the Duluth Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 1511 E. Superior St. The first vehicle on scene reported a working fire, with heavy fire showing from a first-floor window of a three-story building. The fire had extended to the second floor via a pipe chase.

Dangerous backpacks?

I bike most places, and almost always wear my backpack because it has everything I might need. I decided to take in a movie at the Duluth 10 theater, and biked down as usual. Also as usual I locked my bike to the only thing within two blocks of the theater that you can lock a bike to, which is the H.C. parking sign post. I proceeded in to pay for my ticket and was informed that I couldn’t take my backpack in. That is where my beef begins.

Flat Track Derby Results

As WDIO noted:

“The Twin Ports’ Harbor City Roller Dames are hosting the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Division 2 Playoffs.”

I am sorry I could not make it. I want to know more about the results. Please post!

Struggling Apple Tree

We moved into a house near Hartley Park last summer and were delighted when the apple tree in our new backyard produced basket after basket of fruit in the fall. This summer, though, we never saw the tree blossom, and while the leaves seem healthy, there are clearly no signs of apples. Any ideas what might have caused the lack of blossoms this year? We wondered if last winter was simply too tough on the tree, or if something else is wrong. Does anyone else know of apple (or other fruit) trees struggling this year? Any suggestions for a lawn/garden center or somewhere else to seek advice to ensure apples next year?

New Duluth Film Meetup Group

I’m a filmmaker new to Duluth. I started a new Meetup so I could wrangle all the film enthusiasts in the area into one location. The group covers people interested in making films and those who just enjoy watching them. Only a day old and already growing, with our first meeting coming up Sept. 4. Hope to see you there!

Corkscrew Dive

Corkscrewed down 20 feet underwater to do a barrel roll over a field of boulders I like to explore, then spiraled back topside. Not a long dive (around 30 secs at normal speed), just a fun one with a glimpse of one of Lake Superior’s Atlantean grottos. Pretty sure the bubble that pops out @ 43 secs came out of my right ear as I pinched my nose and equalized the pressure in my skull. Water clarity perfect on this Sunday morning dive in MY church.

Outside Magazine “Best Outdoor City” segment on MSNBC

“… but it’s cold! How on earth did Duluth become the number one city?”

Downtown Duluth meter hours

OK, did I miss a memo or something? When the hell did the downtown meter enforcement time get extended to 9 o’clock? And who thought that was a good idea when we’re trying to get people downtown to frequent shops and restaurants?

2014 Duluth General Election Primer

There are less than three months to study up; the General Election will be held on Nov. 4. Below are the races that will appear on ballots in Duluth, with links to the websites of candidates who have them.

United States Senator
Steve Carlson (Independence)
Mike McFadden (Republican)
Al Franken (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Heather Johnson (Libertarian)

United States Representative, Minnesota District 8
Ray “Skip” Sandman (Green)
Stewart Mills (Republican)
Rick Nolan (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)