2014 Duluth General Election Primer

There are less than three months to study up; the General Election will be held on Nov. 4. Below are the races that will appear on ballots in Duluth, with links to the websites of candidates who have them.

United States Senator
Steve Carlson (Independence)
Mike McFadden (Republican)
Al Franken (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Heather Johnson (Libertarian)

United States Representative, Minnesota District 8
Ray “Skip” Sandman (Green)
Stewart Mills (Republican)
Rick Nolan (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)

Minnesota State Representative for District 3B
(Covers the Duluth Heights and Kenwood neighborhoods of Duluth, as well as neighboring townships)
Wade K. Fremling (Republican)
Mary Murphy (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)

Minnesota State Representative for District 7A
(Covers eastern Duluth neighborhoods)
Becky Hall (Republican)
Jennifer Schultz (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Kristine Osbakken (Green)

Minnesota State Representative for District 7B
(Covers western Duluth neighborhoods)
Travis Silvers (Republican)
Erik Simonson (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)

Minnesota Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Jeff Johnson and Bill Kuisle (Republican)
Mark Dayton and Tina Smith (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Chris Holbrook and Chris Dock (Libertarian)
Chris Wright and David Daniels (Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis)
Hannah Nicollet and Tim Gieseke (Independence)

Minnesota Secretary of State
Bob Helland (Independence)
Steve Simon (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Bob Odden (Libertarian)
Dan Severson (Republican)

Minnesota State Auditor
Rebecca Otto (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Keegan Iversen (Libertarian)
Judith Schwartzbacker (Grassroots)
Patrick Dean (Independence)
Randy Gilbert (Republican)

Minnesota Attorney General
Scott Newman (Republican)
Andy Dawkins (Green)
Mary O’Connor (Libertarian)
Dan R. Vacek (Legal Marijuana Now)
Brandon Borgos (Independence)
Lori Swanson (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)

District 1 St. Louis County Commissioner
(Covers the Duluth Heights, Central Hillside, Downtown and Park Point neighborhoods)
Jim Booth
Frank Jewell

St. Louis County Auditor/Treasurer
Donald Dicklich

St. Louis County Sheriff
Ross Litman

St. Louis County Attorney
Mark S. Rubin

So. St. Louis County Soil and Water Supervisor, District 2
Kerry Leider
Marcia Stromgren

So. St. Louis County Soil and Water Supervisor, District 3
Albert Moline

So. St. Louis County Soil and Water Supervisor, District 5
Debra L. Taylor


Minnesota Supreme Court 2 Associate Justice
John Hancock
Wilhelmina (Mimi) Wright

Minnesota Supreme Court 3 Associate Justice
David Lillehaug
Michelle L. MacDonald

Note: There will also be Court of Appeals and Sixth Judicial District candidates on the ballot, but they are all unopposed.

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