Greetings from Duluth, GA!

This photo is of me last April. I was driving through the Atlanta area on a road trip and had to visit our little colony of the south. It was a strange place. Has any other Duluthian ever been there?


Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Back in February PDD featured a video shot at that location ... "in a strange, unfamiliar world."

I have never been to Duluth, Georgia or to Duluth, Kansas.

I call road trip.


about 10 years ago

I drove through Duluth, GA a few years ago while on tour in the South. I never got off the freeway. Duluth, MN has a slight advantage in that you run out of freeway before you can get out...


about 10 years ago

What an amazing coincidence to see this post today!  I was in Duluth, GA yesterday.  We moved my son there, driving down in his van with him and his dog over Monday and Tuesday, and flying back yesterday.  I took a stainless Bent Paddle growler along, and got it filled with a local imperial IPA at a growler fill shop in downtown Duluth called "Best of Brews." The guy there was amused to see a growler from "that other Duluth."

Jeff Borling

about 10 years ago

I've always been curious -- how did the other Duluths get their names?  Any history buffs out there know which Duluths emerged first, second, third...?  I've heard the Duluth (MN) was named after Daniel Greysolon, Sieur Du Luht, from the 1600s. Were the other Duluths named after the same?

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Duluth, Minn., indeed gets its name from the Sieur du Lhut, Daniel de Gresolon (frequently spelled "Greysolon" for some reason). Residents named the area in 1856 and Duluth was incorporated as a town in 1857 (one year before Minnesota became a state).

Howell's Crossroads, Ga., changed its name to Duluth after Proctor Knott's famous 1871 speech about "The Untold Delights of Duluth" -- referring to Duluth, Minn.

No one seems to know why Doelitz, Kan., changed its name to Duluth in 1909.

Andrew Krueger searched the U.S. Geological Survey's online place names index four years ago and, in addition to the Duluths already mentioned, found:

* Duluth Mine in Clear Creek County, Colo.

* Duluth, a closed post office and, presumably, a former community in Madison County, Ky.

* The Duluth Snowden Pond Dam in Lauderdale County, Miss.

* Duluth, a "populated place" in Grant County, Neb., reportedly named after Duluth, Minn.

* Duluth or Duluth Camp, a mining boom town that quickly became a ghost town in Nye County, Nev. It had a post office and, according to a Google Books search, also briefly had a newspaper in 1907 named, oddly enough, the Duluth Tribune

* Duluth, a "census designated place" in Clark County, Wash., just north of Portland, Ore.


about 10 years ago

I lived and worked there for the better part of six years. It is your typical crappy suburb in a lot of ways. But there are bits of it I miss.

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