PDD Calendar mobile version … you know, for your phone, so you can read it better

Perhaps it’s strange to pick a day when most events are cancelled to make this announcement, but … well, we do things when we get around to them so here it goes: The PDD Calendar now has a mobile version. We actually launched it on Sunday, so maybe you’ve already noticed.

If you view the calendar on a phone, you should automatically see the mobile version. At the bottom of the page there is an option to “View Full Screen Version” if you prefer looking at the calendar the old desktop way, but why would you?

If you are on a desktop computer or tablet you should see the PDD Calendar in its old standard format, because it’s better that way if you’ve got a full screen to play with.

The mobile version of the calendar has the same search options as the desktop version. Just click “search” in the upper right corner and options for other days of the week pop up, as well as the “Advanced Search” so you can find out what is happening weeks, months and years into the future. You can also search by place (i.e. Tycoons, Duluth Playhouse) or keywords (i.e. sex, guns) or by certain entities, etc. (which we eloquently refer to as “things,” i.e. Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra or the Duluth Experience or categories (music, family fun).

Use the little arrows on the right edge of each event to read the full descriptions. All the videos and images work the same, as do links to venue addresses and maps and yadda yadda yadda.

So check it out and let us know if any of it sucks or is broken. We built it, so we can fix it. It just might take us a while because fixing the internet always comes after playing in the snow for us.

By the way, there is also a mobile version of the PDD Blog (the thing you are reading right now). We didn’t build that; it’s a Word Press plugin. So everything that’s wrong with it is not our fault and you should never complain about it.

Do let us know what you think of the mobile calendar, though.



about 10 years ago

Not sure if I was the only one, but on the day you rolled out the general change to the mobile site my Chrome browser would only load the mobile version of the site. 

As I scrolled down to try to hit the "Desktop version" button, it kept loading more stories and would not allow me to click it.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

When we first launched it on Sunday we hadn't added the "Desktop version" link yet. Are you finding it OK now?


about 10 years ago

I just noticed that if I followed a RSS comment link, the post comments page generated was the mobile version. However, when I logged in, it went back to normal desktop version.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

BadCat, you are referring to an issue with the blog and not the calendar, right? As mentioned above, the blog's mobile version is a WordPress plugin that we can't -- or at least can't easily -- fix. I have noticed it seems to bounce back and forth from mobile version to desktop, and yeah, that is annoying and stupid. It's one of those things that might fix itself with the next WordPress upgrade, or if we somehow fix it ourselves the next WordPress upgrade will break it again, and so on. Or we could just disconnect it and stick with the desktop version for the blog. It's a tough call.


about 10 years ago

Yes, the blog, not calendar version. No worries, it didn't interfere with the website - just giving you info for feedback purposes.

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