Hello, my name is October 2003

A search through the PDD Archives for October 2003 reveals a wild month. Rick Boo closed the NorShor Theatre (causing much reminiscing on PDD), Bone Appetit was supposed to open for Ratt at the Third Rock Bar until Ratt cancelled at the last minute, people on PDD started posting short introductions about themselves and telling ghost stories, Starfire got his jaw jacked, Jamie Ness was voted Hottest Ness Brother, a cake/fist fight broke out at Slim Goodbuzz’s book-release party, Elliot Smith died and Shaky Ray Records hosted some kind of party.

And now the part where I get repeaty.

Perfect Duluth Day is more than ten years old now, and most of you reading it today are not familiar with how it was back in the day. So, when we link to 2003 material it seems only polite to mention the following:

It was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and the word “blog” was still a year away from being named Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year.

PDD was used among a small group of friends when it started and was supported by a different publishing platform (Blogger). The archives are getting sloppier all the time as more and more of the images that were hosted on other sites disappear and old websites that were linked to die off.

Blogger didn’t support commenting in those days, but there were comments on PDD, supported by a company that went out of business years ago, which means all the comments from those posts on Blogger are long lost.

For those of you who were part of PDD back then, there is enough left in the archives to spark old memories of the way it was. The rest of you might be confused.


Barrett Chase

about 10 years ago

NerdNote: This was also the month of our first-ever server upgrade. Up until this point, we were using a service that came free with our domain registration. We quickly exceeded our storage and traffic limits though, so I had to upgrade the day after Starfire got his face rearranged.


about 10 years ago

Nice photo of Barrett spinning tunes. Miss those evenings at Starfire Lounge!


about 10 years ago

Woah! Hipster bingo? 

Ten years ahead of its time...and Starfire bringing it around on a tip from Barrett.

People should have taken notice. Portlandia could have been prevented, or at least Duluthlandia could have had a fighting chance.

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