R.I.P. Lou Reed

His death is locally relevant, since he wrote Perfect Duluth Day’s unofficial theme song.



about 8 years ago

Oh, Jesus. No band mattered more than Velvet Underground. I wanted to be Nico when I was younger.

The saddest album about death is Magic and Loss by Lou Reed.


The best music ever: VU and Nico



Anyway, what can one say?


about 8 years ago

Oh, fuck. Mr. Emmadogs just reminded me of this. I am going to go cry now.



about 8 years ago

Okay, one last one. Lou Reed was the best, VU was the absolute best, and I am absolutely devastated.



about 8 years ago

This is the one I posted to my Facebook page:



about 8 years ago

Thanks for your homage to Lou Reed. He outlived all the punters' expectations.  That "rock n roll station was 102.7 WNEW-FM in New York - where I got my rock n roll education and was turned on to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. Rock on....

Lawrence Lee

about 8 years ago

He'll be missed this year at the Halloween Parade.



about 8 years ago

When I was still kind of young and kind of innocent I found my brothers copy of Rock and Roll Animal. I still consider it one of my three most influential albums. Certainly one of my favorite "guitar" albums. The same band is on Lou Reed Live. I was listening to it in the living room on the big old console stereo on head phones with Mom and Dad sitting around. About half way through "Heroin" I remember thinking, hey this is something different. I better take this upstairs and listen on my stereo so Mom and Dad don't hear. Intro into "Sweet Jane" just absolutely majestic guitars. It was the first album I ever listened to both sides twice in a row at one sitting. The great breakdown and build back up on Rock n Roll. So Lou, all I can say is rest in peace and "it's alright baby alright baby, baby alright."

PS: second favorite is New York.

Rita Rosenberger

about 7 years ago

I absolutely love this video! Amazing.


about 7 years ago

I turn 50 next week.   Doing the half century reflection, I am so grateful to have been around for this music.  

And for PDD, and for Ramos's posts.

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