October 2013 Posts

Restaurants not honoring advertised prices

Twice in the past week I have gone to local Duluth restaurants due to specials I have seen posted on their websites or on Twin Ports Nightlife only to be told once I got to the restaurant that they were no longer honoring that price. When I explained that I specifically made the trip to that restaurant to get the advertised special, servers at both places have acted annoyed and refused to honor the price. No apologies, no offering to give me the discount since it is their mistake, nothing.

For Your Halloween Listening Pleasure

Listen to Wolf Blood

Wolf Blood rocked the CDs off the shelf on KUMD’s “The Local” last night. Listen to their performance/interview with DJ E on the Local podcast.

Band Practice Space in Duluth?

My new band is not able to practice anymore in the basement we were using. We are starting to look elsewhere for a place to practice. We already know about the Clubhouse. We are waiting to find out if there will be an opening. Does anyone know anywhere else we can ask? We are loud so we obviously need a place that doesn’t care about that or is soundproofed.

Where in Duluth?

Halloween Demon Interview

I got to sit down in the new Kirby Student Lounge with the Duluth Demon early Halloween morning. He showed up in full costume, including his usual mask, a body suit, gloves and boots. He was polite, at ease, and very easy to talk to.

The October Surprise: Local Astroturfing

I never voted for the fellow (and certainly didn’t intend to in the upcoming election), didn’t care for his politics but I did have a certain amount of respect for him and thought he was sincere and certain key issues aside thought he was an OK fellow.

Jim Stauber caught writing letter of support for himself

Ah Jimmy, looks like your twelve years of public service might be coming to a poor end.

A Video Love Letter to Chester Creek

Previously released segments united under one title, my Chester Creek magnum opus.

Duluth monkeys on ABC’s World News Now

Lake Superior Zoo has named its baby Angolan colobus monkeys. “Kermit” has been chosen for the male monkey (born June 26). He likes to hop around like a frog. “Kaya” has been chosen for the female monkey (born July 16). She is named after a city in central Africa.

The zoo asked for the community’s help in naming the monkeys and guests attending Boo at the Zoo were given the opportunity to cast votes for their favorite names and make a cash donation toward wild colobus conservation efforts. A contribution of $500 from the baby-naming voting process and other visitor donations received at Boo at the Zoo will be sent to Colobus Conservation, located in Kenya.

Duluth Demon Demonized?

Four weeks ago a post on Perfect Duluth Day introduced the “Duluth Demon,” a masked character who apparently jumps out from behind trees in the Bagley Nature Area and scares the dickens out of UMD students. Whether it was a publicity stunt, all in good fun or a dangerous individual threatening public safety, the topic didn’t generate a lot of attention here.

Now that Halloween is upon us, however, we should have seen a twist in the story coming.

We want your cat (videos)

You probably heard about the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video festival this summer and you were probably devastated to miss it. But don’t get your whiskers out of whack because the Zinema Theater and the Duluth Art Institute are bringing the cats north. On Dec. 10, at 7 p.m., Zinema 2 will screen the insanely popular Cat Video Film Festival along with some special videos made right here at home. Imagine – you can see your favorite feline on the big screen next to lil bub!

Hello, my name is October 2003

A search through the PDD Archives for October 2003 reveals a wild month. Rick Boo closed the NorShor Theatre (causing much reminiscing on PDD), Bone Appetit was supposed to open for Ratt at the Third Rock Bar until Ratt cancelled at the last minute, people on PDD started posting short introductions about themselves and telling ghost stories, Starfire got his jaw jacked, Jamie Ness was voted Hottest Ness Brother, a cake/fist fight broke out at Slim Goodbuzz’s book-release party, Elliot Smith died and Shaky Ray Records hosted some kind of party.

More sharing

Let’s get Lyft in Duluth!

Vote for the best pizza, burger, Asian, vegetarian, Mexican and Italian restaurants

In the top four categories below, an elimination round was held to determine the finalists. In the last two, the number of nominees was short enough to skip an elimination round.

Which restaurant serves the best pizza?

Loading ... Loading ...

This poll is closed. The results were:

Thirsty Pagan Brewing — 45.9 percent
Pizza Lucé — 24.7 percent
Sammy”s Pizza — 17.6 percent
Vintage Italian Pizza — 11.8 percent

Which restaurant serves the best burgers?

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This poll is closed. The results were:

Anchor Bar — 61.3 percent
Fitger’s Brewhouse — 38.7 percent

Which restaurant serves the best Asian food?

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This poll is closed. The results were:

Hanabi Japanese Cuisine — 36.6 percent
Pak’s Green Corner — 25.4 percent
Taste of Saigon — 22.5 percent
Sala Thai Restaurant — 15.5 percent

Which restaurant has the best vegetarian food?

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This poll is closed. The results were:

Duluth Grill — 64.3 percent
At Sara’s Table / Chester Creek Café — 35.7 percent

Which restaurant serves the best Mexican food?

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This poll is closed. The results were:

Mexico Lindo — 29.5 percent
None are worthy — 25.6 percent
Azteca’s Mexican Grill — 19.2 percent
Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant — 14.1 percent
Little Angie’s Cantina and Grill — 6.4 percent
Maya Family Mexican Restaurant — 5.1 percent

Which restaurant serves the best Italian food?

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This poll is closed. The results were:

Va Bene Caffé — 40 percent
Bellisio’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar — 18.8 percent
Valentini’s Vicino Lago — 18.8 percent
Gannucci’s Italian Market — 17.6 percent
Green Mill — 4.7 percent

Winter will be Hard: Wildwoods Retreats and Raccoon Relocation

Hey, St. Paul, are you okay?

St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman giggles through last Thursday’s mayoral candidate forum as we hear from his opponents Sharon Anderson, (who seems to be taking the pro-bubble-wrap platform) and Kurt Dornfeld (who for some reason sees it a fitting place to make a dick joke).