Winter will be Hard: Wildwoods Retreats and Raccoon Relocation

First, the Raccoons, from Wildwoods Founders:
We released the raccoons today. Sadly, fur prices are high this year, so trappers will be out in force this fall. A friend did a sweep of the release site to make sure no trappers have set for raccoons there.

The raccoons are ready to head out, find a den site, and settle in for the winter. We wish them long, happy, trap-free lives, and hope they will fare well. Releases like this are very bitter-sweet. We want to protect all of our “babies” forever, but we can’t.

We know that all of you will help us protect them and all of their kindred from hatred, misunderstanding, and many other ills we humans so casually dispense to animals. Farewell, little bandits!

Meanwhile, Wildwoods Volunteer Co-Coordinator Kate Vo Thi-Beard read at the Harvest of Literature — an event that took place from 8-2 on October 25 at Lowell school in Duluth.

Guest readers were invited to classrooms to read a book of their choice. This is an alternative to celebrating Halloween at the school. Kate, Pumpkin Soup, and her Puppet, “Abbott,” by Minnesota Puppeteer Gordon Smuder, are depicted below.

Finally, on Saturday, the Wildwoods board spent the day with Cynthia Hagley of Minnesota Sea Grant. Cynthia led an amazing retreat, one that helped redirect the Board to greater action. The Board is in an intense moment of flux. If you are interested in serving on one of the Board’s sub-committees (e.g. education, fundraising, facilities, media/communications), send me an email at [email protected]. I know I’ve pitched for volunteers below, but these are different kinds of volunteers — volunteers with different skill sets than the typical critter care volunteer, as we move into a winter where animals are on their own and the work of the organization in other areas is just beginning.


the Midnight Taco

about 10 years ago

Not to divert away from this important story however I noticed the guys from the Interior Tomato in West Duluth scramble across traffic on Saturday to scoop up their tomatoes in the planters near Central Park.

I understand that, according to Local lore, they would have left them if this is to be a mild winter. 

Perhaps they are a sort of Punxsutawney Phil. 

Groundhog Day: Where are they now?


about 10 years ago

Thanks for helping out our animal friends.

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