R.I.P. Mike, Mike and Tom graffiti on Central Avenue

For decades, the names of two guys named Mike and a Tom were spraypainted unceremoniously on this wall, now that has been painted over.

I’m not sure when this changed but I just noticed it today. I met the new owner of the Italian Village a month or so ago and he seems to be doing a lot to expand and spruce up the storefront. So today I was only a little surprised when the graffiti that was painted on the side of the building years decades ago had been covered up by what looks like will eventually be a new mural.

Here is a post by Paul Lundgren from a few years ago with some fun history and comments about the two Mikes and the Tom who had their names painted on the building. According to the comments, it has also been painted over before, so perhaps it’s not gone forever.



about 11 years ago

Salutations, Mike Page!

I just drove by this the other day for the first time in years... Noticed it was surprisingly still there. Here's to the good old days... When that awesome graffiti still brightened the neighborhood.

Barrett Chase

about 11 years ago

I've been informed the muralist's name is Rick Washburn. 

If you're lamenting the loss of these names from that wall, rest assured that they've been painted over before and have always managed to find their way back to the surface.

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