What does this sign mean?

I realize this might be a dried-up glue-like substance that held some actual sign in place, but I don’t know, maybe this symbol means something to snowmobilers. If not, we might as well make up a meaning for it.



about 9 years ago

It looks very intestinal to me.


about 9 years ago

Good guess on the "dried up glue like substance." I'm assuming it is on a snowmobile trail like you also guessed. I will keep reiterating what you said because I haven't a clue. 

Or, maybe urban slang for "snowmobilers have right of way at all times."


about 9 years ago

It's Sanskrit for, "Peace be upon you, especially if you ride an Arctic Cat."

Barrett Chase

about 9 years ago

It means a fierce dog lives here, but the landowner will feed you if you tell him a sob story.


about 9 years ago

Forest gnomes claiming their turf.


about 9 years ago

Trail head to the Evil Clown camp.  Some knucklehead hung it sideways.


about 9 years ago

"Warning, pregnancy may result in back aches."


about 9 years ago

"Trespassers will be splattered against a board."


about 9 years ago



about 9 years ago

"PICASSO WAS HERE (working secretly with new 'glue medium' in the woods).

This,could be worth billions!

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago


People who are good at graphic manipulation should be better than me at turning this thing into an album cover or logo or something.

I agree with the "intestinal" comment, but this altered version is a bit more like ancient snake remains.


about 9 years ago

Pretty sure it means "gorilla glue was used here."

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