What to do with extra garage door panels

If you really want to know why I have two extra garage door panels, go ahead and ask. For now, I’ll get to the point. What I find to be really annoying about having two perfectly good garage door panels is that it seems the best thing I can do is haul them to a junk yard and get them out of my way. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Is there anyone who warehouses stuff like this and sells them to contractors or the general public? A new panel costs $220 — that’s $440 for two — but the odds that someone who needs the exact size and color panels I have will search Craigslist and find out I have them for cheap are minimal. So these panels are likely to hit the dump by the time the snow falls, unless I get ambitious and recruit two friends to help me carefully feed them into the rafters so they can waste space up there for 20 years.



about 8 years ago

It sounds like future art project. Maybe some of those artist humans are interested.


about 8 years ago

Maybe donate it to the new Habitat for Humanity ReStore that just opened in Superior?


about 8 years ago

Would Common Ground want them? I wish they had a website...


about 8 years ago

If they are anything like what your current garage door uses I would highly recommend hanging onto them for when a vehicle backs into the ones you have now, next week, and you'll wish you'd saved 'em. Hang them in the rafters. How do I know about this?


about 8 years ago

I spent the weekend clearing out almost 15 years of hoarding and half-finished projects from our garage. Get 'em out of there.
WLSSD's Material Recovery Center (aka The Dump) has a section for usable stuff, it seems like these would be the kind of thing they would take. Then there's probably a better chance someone will find them and use them, and you don't have to keep them at your house.

greg cougar conley

about 8 years ago

Yeah, they stick them in those trailers at the dump and then people can grab them for free. I think Brian is right, a lot more people would see them that way.


about 8 years ago

Helloooo!  There is a NEW perfectly good ReStore to donate them to!  It's a good place.  Call them and see if they can use them. 218-722-3875.

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