“Head up to Duluth along North Shore Scenic Drive which runs along Lake Superior. It’s Godforsaken country in the best sense of the term. I didn’t know beauty like that existed until I saw it.”

From Road Trips To Take This Summer



about 8 years ago

1. Lacking any merit or attraction; dismal.
2. Located in a dismal or remote area.
3. Desolate; forlorn.
4. Neglected and miserable in appearance or circumstances.


Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

I suppose the "best sense of the term" would be "remote area." Gosh, thanks Patricia Schultz.


about 8 years ago

Yes, "remote." At least from the perspective of someone from one of the other coasts (AKA not the "North Coast").


about 8 years ago

Are you sure she wasn't talking about Superior, Wisconsin rather than Lake Superior?


about 8 years ago

Another worthless fluff piece designed for some page views and advertising impressions.

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