“Head up to Duluth along North Shore Scenic Drive which runs along Lake Superior. It’s Godforsaken country in the best sense of the term. I didn’t know beauty like that existed until I saw it.”

From Road Trips To Take This Summer



about 10 years ago

1. Lacking any merit or attraction; dismal.
2. Located in a dismal or remote area.
3. Desolate; forlorn.
4. Neglected and miserable in appearance or circumstances.


Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

I suppose the "best sense of the term" would be "remote area." Gosh, thanks Patricia Schultz.


about 10 years ago

Yes, "remote." At least from the perspective of someone from one of the other coasts (AKA not the "North Coast").


about 10 years ago

Are you sure she wasn't talking about Superior, Wisconsin rather than Lake Superior?


about 10 years ago

Another worthless fluff piece designed for some page views and advertising impressions.

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