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Through some horse trading and good luck, I’ve acquired two Yakima Rocket Boxes. I would like to mount them both on the current touring rig for our upcoming summer travels, but they both hinge the same direction. I really don’t want to mount one backward, and therefore am trying to figure out if the hinges can be switched with any success.


(1) Have any of you modified your storage boxes to this degree? Can the hinges be removed without destroying the box [or hardware]? Once removed, can they simply be moved to the opposite side of the box and installed there? Basically, it looks like everything outside of the rack mounts will need to be removed, switched, and remounted.

(2) I wanted to post this to a forum perhaps more appropriate, but there seems to be a gazillion “gear forums” or “outdoor adventure forums.” Outside of PDD – what forums would you recommend posting this question to?

I generally go at things like this without thinking through all the steps. Traditionally, I would be sitting with a pile of parts in the driveway by the time I made this post. But the snow has delayed work on this — perhaps to my benefit.



about 11 years ago

Is everything riveted together, or are there screws / bolts?
Our Yakima box opens from both sides which is really nice. Our latches/locks are inset into the molded plastic, If both sides aren't molded exactly the same on yours, it won't work very well.

It might be worth a trip to Ski Hut to see what kinds of parts or advice are available.

The Big E

about 11 years ago

As Brian notes, the newer cargo boxes from Yakima and Thule generally open to either side as desired.  But with older boxes, I don't think that was the case.  Suffice to say that I don't see any way to swap which side our c. 2002 Thule ski box opens on without more-or-less destroying it.


about 11 years ago

The old Yak box I had used rivets to secure all that stuff (except maybe one side of the gas cylinder for adjustments to the lid alignment).  It would seem like if you could drill out the old rivets a swap would be possible, although a real pain in the ass.

This is a handy site by Yakima that lists dimensions and spare parts (with part #s) for any Yakima part (current and discontinued):

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