Black Bear Update

Earlier this week, a 162-lb black bear was semi-conscious in the snow at Jay Cooke State Park. After being asked to help, three Wildwoods volunteers (Jason B., Ian A., and Peggy A., who took these pictures), sprang into action, loading up with supplies and rushing to the scene to help park employees rescue the bear.

More on this bear from Fox21.

Our friends at Wild & Free also got a baby.  This cub came to them on April 5, 2013 from Perham, MN. A logger had run over the bear den with a bobcat destroying their home and leaving her brother or sister dead. They waited for an hour for her mother to return but she never did. This little girl weighs 5lb 6oz and was born this January.

Thanks so much to everyone for your generous gifts to our orphans at our Wildwoods Baby Shower at Amazon ( ). Thanks to your kindness, we have an incubator for our youngest baby birds, a great playpen for those birds starting to hop and flutter, UVA/UVA lights to help all of our babies with their calcium absorption, hazelnuts for our teenaged squirrels, mug warmers to keep our formula warm, a new heating pad, probiotics for our baby birds, squirrels, and bunnies, various medical supplies for our injured patients, and disinfectant to clean up after everyone! Wow!We also got a very unusual (and creative and wonderful) donation from a friend (Michelle B.) who has heard me talk about how hard it is for some of us to get eyes-closed baby mammals to pee and poop. We have to take a little piece of warm, wet paper towel and flick it quickly back and forth over their butts. Some of us have a hard time moving our wrists quickly enough to get the babies to do their thing. The result? Sore human wrists and chafed orphan butts. Not good.Michelle, who works as a medical aesthetician, had the perfect solution–the Clarisonic Opal, a neat little gadget invented to rub away the bags under women’s eyes with a tiny electronic applicator that moves very gently but very quickly. She donated one to Wildwoods, and it’s perfect! Thanks Michelle!

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about 11 years ago

You guys are great.  Thank you!

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