Who needs Photoshop?


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Take 90 capsules and call the mayor in the morning.


about 11 years ago

Ness keeps things moving though the system!


about 11 years ago

Ness is the choice of regular people.

Don Ness

about 11 years ago

Are your intestines damaged? Are you envious of your neighbor's well maintained intestinal track? Have I got a product for you!

(our jingle)
Don't have intestinal envy - have interest in all enzymes - whee!  

Ness enzymes!

Also try formula 402 for intestinal fortitude - for those times when you make decisions that piss off a ton of people.


about 11 years ago

Well, see... now I want to buy some.


about 11 years ago

*Side effects may include: Addressing citizen concerns, Dancing at TbT concerts, jumping in Lake Superior in the dead of winter, posting on PDD and delayed backache.

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