Did anyone see the “drone-like” plane fly over Bayfront Park on Saturday during the Harvest Festival? The same thing flew over the July 4th Parade in Superior.  Any idea what it is?


Stephenos LaFleur

about 12 years ago

Not sure, but I would point you in the direction of local Border Patrol or the 148th Fighter Wing (most likely the former). Odd stuff!


about 12 years ago

I suspect it was an unmanned drone aircraft.  As stephanos notes, they are used by border patrol.  Likely a training flight.


about 12 years ago

Or aerial imaging?


about 12 years ago

Dennis O'Hare has some sort of UAV, not sure if it is a plane or helicopter,  though. He uses it a lot for photos around the harbor.

The Big E

about 12 years ago

If by "drone-like" you mean "piston-engine with a delta wing," I believe it was the Dyke Delta JD-2 belonging to Alan White of Superior.  I've seen it a coupe of times, and it was definitely flying over the Harvest Festival last Saturday.


about 12 years ago

Says there the 'Dyke' is a Momoplane.  Who named that dirty cock sucker anyway?  Sounds kinda intriguing.  That, and you can build one for 30-50k.  I'm in on the low end?  Could I swap out the engine in my lawn mower?

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